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Daytripper Quick Start Guide

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This guide shows you how to use the Daytripper.

If yours hasn't been assembled yet, please see this guide to put it together

Getting Started

By now, you should have the assembled transmitter(TX) and receiver(RX) boards.

Please observe the various names that will be referred to later:

Alt text

Your RX board might have a translucent protective cover, don't remove it!

Plug the RX into your computer. The blue LED should start breathing then go dim, and your PC should recognize it as an USB keyboard.

Sometimes the system will install a driver, wait for it to finish.

Alt text

Put the TX flat on the table, make sure there is no obstruction in front of the sensor window.

Turn on the TX (gently!) using the power switch. The blue LED should start breathing as it gets a baseline reading.

The blue LED should eventually go out, that means TX is armed and ready.

Alt text

Now put your hand in front of the sensor window, all your windows should be instantly minimized.

Alt text

That's pretty much the gist of it! However please do keep reading for more information.

Mounting options

Now you know how Daytripper works, time to make it useful by mounting the TX at a desired location.

If you're trying to detect someone walking by, you can mount it to a wall using the magnet. Tape the magnet to the wall, then you can attach and detach the TX with ease. If you can find a metal surface, it's even easier:

Alt text

If you're trying to detect a door opening, simply put it on the ground so the door opens into it.

Alt text

Those are just two suggestions, you can get as creative as you want!

Word of warning though, the Neodymium magnet is rather brittle, so don't let it smash into metal objects, or it might chip or shatter.

Best Practices (Important!!!)

Daytripper works by firing a eye-safe laser, wait for it to bounce back, then calculating the distance. As a result, there are a number of best practices to keep in mind:

  • The laser works between 2cm to 120cm (0.8 to 47 inches), so make sure the motion happens within this range.

  • Daytripper works best in indoor conditions. Harsh ambient lighting such as direct sunlight might overwhelm the laser and affect detection range and sensitivity.

  • Certain materials might absorb the laser instead of reflecting it back, affecting performance. Those materials tends to be very deep black in color with a soft texture.

  • Daytripper is most sensitive if the laser can be bounced straight back from the subject instead of at an angle.

  • The laser sensor scans at 5 times a second, so it might miss a very fast-moving subject.

  • The transmission range between TX and RX is around 100 meters (330 feet) in open air. Although it is likely to be shorter in indoor environments with walls and other wireless interferences.

  • The battery on TX should last around 40 hours, depending on the number of triggers. You can recharge it using a USB Type-C cable.

  • Don't touch the components on the circuit board with your bare hands, especially the laser sensor!

Tips and Tricks

  • Always turn on the TX AFTER you finish mounting it, so the initial calibration won't get messed up by your hand.

  • Test your setup before using it for real! Test the mounting with the actual application/game you're trying to hide. Test it multiple times to be sure!

  • If minimizing doesn't work with your game, you can change the Mode Select switch on RX to lock your computer instead. Please be gentle with the switch or the plastic tab might break off and render it useless.

Alt text

  • There is also a Custom option on the Mode Select switch, but that's for advanced usages.

Troubleshooting / Lights Meaning

Both TX and RX have a blue status LED. The meanings are detailed in tables below.

Alt text

TX boards also have a yellow LED, which comes on when the battery is charging.

Advanced Usages

Once you're familiar with how Daytripper works, you can take a look at the Advanced Usage Guide for some additional features that might be of interest.


Although I have spent a lot of time on this project, I cannot guarantee its functionality in every condition.

This is not a safety device, do not use it for safety critical applications.

I am not responsible for the consequences of using this device. Use it at your own risk.

Questions or Comments?

Please feel free to open an issue. This is the preferred way since it helps other people too.

You can also email me at dekunukem gmail com for inquires.

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