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Earthquake Monitor

MIT License Open Source No Maintenance Intended
An android app developed using React Native
Get earthquake information across the world in time



Function Status
Browse global earthquake data
Filter data according to time and magnitude
Show earthquakes in the past 24 hours in graph
Data Caching
Immersive and automatic dark mode
Smooth animation


1. Install dependencies:
in the root directory, do:

yarn install

please make sure that you have already installed yarn

2. Environment setup:
Configure React Native environment on your machine properly according to the official guide.
You only need to configure the android environment since we only support android by far.
If you are in China, we strongly recommend you follow this guide provided by China React Native community.
We also strongly encourage you using a real android device instead of the emulator.

3.1. Start the app (development mode)
in the root directory, do:

yarn react-native run-android  


yarn android  

If the above process takes a long time (>= 5 minutes), you can open /android directory in android studio and let it download dependencies automatically, and then run the above command to start the app.

3.2. Start the app (release mode)
in the root directory, do:

yarn react-native run-android --variant=release  

make sure the above command builds the app sucessfully before moving on to releasing.

4. Build the APK file
Please follow this guide
to generate keystore and use gradle wrapper to build.
You do not need to build a bundle before building the APK file.


This app is based on the concepts and design of the IOS app 地震监测 developed by 老腊肉.
The UI of this app is primarily accomplished by adapting UI Kitten.
The API is provided by US Geological Survey.

Special Thanks


If you encountered any technical difficulties (or bugs) when using our app, please contact me with the following information:


This project is licensed under MIT.
It means that you can do anyting to our code, except that you must include copyright notice and permission notice in all copies or substantial portions of your software.

If you like our project, please give a star!