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King's Cup

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Gather around with your pints and let’s go for a round of King’s Cup. Beverages not Included!


King's Cup is one of the most popular drinking games 🍺, also known as the Ring of Fire 🔥 or just simply Kings 👑. It can be played with as MANY people as you like.

a) 20 Minutes of Unlimited Fun 🎉

Yes, you read that right. UNLIMITED amount of fun that will make 20 minutes feel like 5. King’s Cup is and always shall be without any in app purchase.

b) Gorgeous Designs with Material Design ✏️

Beautifully hand crafted with excruciating detail.

c) Multiple Language Support 🌏

Thanks to the overwhelming support from the community, King’s Cup now supports all these languages.

❤️ Chinese by Wang Ruihao

❤️ Portuguese by Lays Correia

❤️ Dutch by Kasper Nooteboom

❤️ Spanish by Santos Martinez and Gonzo Fernandez

❤️ Finnish by Karim Moubarik

❤️ French by David Chitchong Thingee

❤️ German by Roland Stuhler

❤️ Czech by Michal Matlach

❤️ Hungarian by Dávid Kardos

❤️ Filipino by Rexson Bernal

❤️ Japanese by Yukiko Kimura

❤️ Ukrainian by Alexander Bondarevskyi

❤️ Russian by Alexander Bondarevskyi

❤️ Polish by Kamil Kowalik

❤️ Indonesian by Julius Lukman

Drop me a message if you are excited to translate and help bring King’s Cup to your native tongue. MORE the merrier!

Each card has a rule that is predetermined before the game starts. When a player draws the last King from the deck ultimately has the FINISH off the King's Cup with that has been added by players who have drawn the Kings during the game.

King's Cup is designed to bring Material Design to all aspects of the game. PERFECT app on your phone for game nights, birthday parties, you name it!

Set out to be a simple yet awesome party game 🥳. Even when you’re stranded in the middle of the ocean 🌊 or trapped in the forest 🌳 with your FRIENDS, King’s Cup will always be there for you. As long as you still have juice 🔋 left on your phone 📱.

More to come. In the meantime, go nuts!

Google Play Store - King's Cup No Beverages Included





King's Cup © by Delacrix Morgan
Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Creative Commons CC BY-SA 4.0