ProM 5.2 plugin implementing the HeuristicsMiner++ plugin.
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HeuristicsMiner++ Build Status

This ProM 5.2 plugin implements the HeuristicsMiner++ plugin.

A complete description of the algorithm is presented in the paper:

Installation Instructions

To install this plugin the following steps are required:

  1. grab the latest version of the plugin from the above link (see releases);
  2. copy the file hmpp.jar inside the lib/external/ folder of the current ProM 5.2 installation;
  3. replace the file lib/framework/ProM.jar with the one contained in the downloaded zip file (a small modification to the framework was required in order to run the plugin);
  4. add, at the end of the file mining.ini (in the root directory of the current ProM installation), a line with:

Now the plugin should be installed!

Important: please consider that this plugin is just a proof-of-concept with some limitations. For example, the plugin expects that all the activities contains a start and complete events, even if their execution time is the same (in this case, the behavior will be the same of Heuristics Miner).