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delay fiction dot org

a magazine, for stories

building the website

run src/script to build with the expectation of publication. add local to build for local testing.

to publish, push it to the master branch on github. we're not as sophisticated operationally as our sophisticated literary taste would lead you to believe.


add stories as markdown files in the directory src/data/posts/<the-issue>/. stories require a few metadata fields to work right:

issue: YYYY-MM
title: 'The Title'
author: Author Person
tag: the type of work this is
opener: 'The first sentence from the short story.'
issue_order: 1

should be pretty self-explanatory. the art will need to be named the same slug as the .md file.


issues are empty .md files with a small amount of yaml frontmatter, named in the format they go in src/data/issues/. issues just require a title and a description. like stories, the art needs to be named the same slug as their .md file.


at the moment, volumes just require a .md file named in src/data/volumes/ with a title. volumes don't have art.

static pages

static pages are .md files in src/data/static/. static pages can have content in the actual markdown file. they only require a title.

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