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Bone MVC Framework

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Be ye wantin an MVC framework peppered with local pirate lingo?
It be the most bare bones framework in the seven seas!


First make sure you have Composer! Then install Bone.

composer create-project delboy1978uk/bonemvc your/path/here

or if you haven't installed composer globally ...

php composer.phar create-project delboy1978uk/bonemvc your/path/here dev-master

Docker Dev Box

Bone comes with a docker-compose.yml in the project, so you can instantly get a dev server running if you use Docker (Tested using a default VirtualBox VM). Just add this to your hosts file:

cd into your project and run the ollowing:

docker-machine start 
eval $(docker-machine env) 
docker-compose up

Then you can access the site at in your browser. Of course if you don't use docker you can add it to your LAMP stack in the usual way.


Make the data folder writable. 777 gives everyone write access, so instead set it to 775 with yer Apache user in the group.

chmod -R 775 data

Apache setup

In your Apache virtual hosts, set the document root as the public folder

<VirtualHost *:80>
    DocumentRoot "/var/www/bonemvc/public"
    ErrorLog "logs/error_log"
    SetEnv APPLICATION_ENV development
    <Directory "/var/www/bonemvc">
        DirectoryIndex index.php
        FallbackResource /index.php
        Options -Indexes +FollowSymLinks
        AllowOverride all
        Require all granted
    BrowserMatch ".*MSIE.*" nokeepalive downgrade-1.0 force-response-1.0

Config Folders

You can drop in any number of .php files into the config/ folder. Make sure they return an array with the config . You can override configuration based on environment var APPLICATION_ENV, so for instance if the environment was production it would load the additional config the production subdirectory.

There are several config files by default:


In your config files, you can add anything you want. It gets stored in the Bone\Mvc\Registry.


Set your default db credentials in the main config/db.php, and any environment specific configs in a subdirectory

    'db' => array(
            'host' => '',
            'database' => 'bone',
            'user' => 'leChuck',
            'pass' => 'bigWh00p',

Then in yer controller, ye can get a PDO connection by saying:



Bone supports translation into different locales. Translation files (gettext .po and .mo) should be placed in data/translations, under a subdirectory of the locale, eg data/translations/en_GB/en_GB.po. You can set the default locale and an array of supported locales.

    return [ 
        'i18n' => [ 
            'translations_dir' => 'data/translations', 
            'type' => \Zend\I18n\Translator\Loader\Gettext::class, 
            'default_locale' => 'en_PI', 
            'supported_locales' => ['en_PI', 'en_GB', 'nl_BE', 'fr_BE'], 

To use the translator, you can simply call:To use the translator, you can simply call:

// from a controller: 
// to set locale
// from a view file:


Bone uses monolog/monolog, and logs can be found in data/logs.Currently we only support writing to files, but you can add as many channels as you like:

return [ 
    'log' => [ 
        'channels' => [ 
            'default' => 'data/logs/default_log', 

To use the logger in a controller:

$this->getLog()->debug($message) // or error(), etc, see PSR-3


Bone uses Zend Mail. To configure the mail client, just drop in your config (see zend mail docs)

return [ 
    'mail' => [ 
        'name' => '', 
        'host' => 'localhost', 
        'port' => 25, 
     // 'connection_class' => 'login', // plain, login, crammd5
     // 'connection_config' => [
     //     'username' => 'user',
     //     'password' => 'pass',
     //  ],

If you are using the Docker Box provided by bone, you also have the awesome MailHog at your disposal. Browse to and you'll see a catch all email inbox, so you never need to worry about development emails reaching the real world.


outes follow a default pattern of


You can also override routes by defining them in the config array:

In the config.php ye can customise routes to go to certain controllers and actions like this:

    'routes' => array(
        '/some-custom-url' => array(
            'controller' => 'index',
            'action' => 'index',
            'params' => array(
                'user' => 666,
                'skull => 'crossbones',

Ye can configure mandatory and optional paramaters in your routes like this:


In yer controller, ye would ask fer $this->getParam('mandatory'); and $this->getParam('optional');


Make your controllers extend Bone\Mvc\Controller, and name your controller actions like pirateAction() etc.
To send data to the view, yo can either return an array, or call

$this->view->someVar = 'gaaarrrrr!';

// or
return [
    'someVar' => 'gaaarrrr!',    

You can also return a PSR-7 response.

init() and postDispatch()

Th' init(); and postDispatch() methods will run before and after your controller action does, so ye can do stuff in there too if need be!

JSON Content Type

Buildin' an API, aye? Ye can send application/json by callin' the followin' method in yer controller action:


HTTP Requests, Responses, and Headers

Bone be all shiny and new these days, and we be usin' PSR-7 Request and Response objects. Ye can get them using th' getHeaders() method, or individual headers with the getHeader($key) method. $this->getRequest() be returnin' an instance of Psr\Http\Message\ServerRequestInterface.


We pirates be luvvin' PHP, and as such v2.0.0 of Bone MVC has made Twig walk the plank! We now be using th' fantastic Plates ( Anything ye send up t' th' view like $this->view->drink = 'grog'; can be output in the view by a simple:

echo $drink;

Of course, ye be wantin' to escape your output too! So do it like this:

echo $this->e($drink);


Bone be usin' a Registry to store stuff in. Soon we'll be changin' that to use Barnacle, a plundered version of th' awesome Pimple dependency injection container. T' use it, just do the followin':

use Bone\Mvc\Registry;

Registry::set('name' => 'Guybrush');
echo Registry::get('name'); // outputs 'Guybrush'

Ye can store whatever th' hell be needin' stored, objects, or whatever!

Additional Libraries

Avast ye! We be usin' some additional libs by th' Cap'n (delboy1978uk), namely:


Fer the CDN lib, ye can quickly echo out javascript and css using Del\Cdn, see App\View\layouts\layout.php fer an example.
See also use Del\Icon and Del\Css, which come as part of the cdn lib.
Ye can create custom Bootstrap ready forms usin' delboy1978uk/form, see the Github page fer details.
Ye can manipulate images usin' the gd PHP functions, with the Del\Image class. Ye can set Session variables usin' Del\SessionManager, see GitHub for info.

Get Swashbucklin'! Gaarrrrr!

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