A demo of importing LLVM into a CMake project via LLVM's exported targets
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LLVM CMake Import Demo

This small project serves to demonstrate how to write a CMake project that uses LLVM via its exported CMake targets.

Building on *BSD/Linux/OSX

The most basic commands to build on OSX/Linux are as follows:

$ mkdir build
$ cd build
$ cmake <src>
$ make

where <src> is the path to the root of this repository.

When CMake is invoked on this project it will automatically try to search a set of paths for a directory containing a file called LLVMConfig.cmake. If it cannot find it will produce an error.

You can give CMake a hint where to look passing it the path to the directory containing the LLVMConfig.cmake file on your system by setting the LLVM_DIR cache variable. For example:

cmake -DLLVM_DIR=<LLVMConfig_DIR> <src>

where <LLVMConfig_DIR> is the path to the directory containing the LLVMConfig.cmake file.

This file is available is two places

  • If you built LLVM from source using CMake then it is available from the LLVM build tree in share/llvm/cmake.
  • If LLVM is installed on your system then it will be located somewhere in your installation directory. On Linux it is typically available in /usr/share/llvm/cmake/ (/usr/share/llvm-<VERSION>/cmake on Debian/Ubuntu systems).

Building on Windows

Building is very similar to the above except you will most likely be using the Visual Studio generator rather than the makefile generator. For example

mkdir build
cd build
cmake -G "Visual Studio 12" <src>

You can then open the created llvmCMakeImportDemo.sln file with Visual Studio and build.

Note on Windows you cannot mix Debug and Release code so the project must be built with the same configuration that LLVM was built with.