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Delegate A/S

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  1. Tool to generate TypeScript declaration files for Dynamics 365/CDS client-side coding.

    F# 88 34

  2. A framework for automating a lot of xRM development processses. By using simple F# script commands/files one can save a lot of time and effort during this process by using Delegates DAXIF# library.

    F# 26 9

  3. Engine which simulates your exact Dynamics 365/CRM instance locally including all of it's logic!

    C# 45 12

  4. Tool to generate early-bound .NET classes and enumerations for MS Dynamics 365/CRM server-side coding.

    F# 34 6

  5. PCF controls developed by Delegate

    TypeScript 2

  6. A project structure for any CDS/D365 development project

    C# 6 2

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