Tool to generate TypeScript declaration files for Dynamics 365/CRM client-side coding.
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XrmDefinitelyTyped generates TypeScript declaration files based on your Dynamics 365/CRM/xRM solution.

It is the TypeScript equivalent of CrmSvcUtil, but instead of generating early-bound .NET classes for server-side code, it generates TypeScript interfaces for all your client-side coding.

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Getting started



Recommended environment: Visual Studio 2017


Building the project

This project is created from ProjectScaffold, which uses FAKE to automate a lot of the build tasks (setup, build, test, docs, nuget package, releases, etc).

Before you can build/run the project from Visual Studio, you need to run build from the command-line in the root folder. This will trigger the default FAKE build. FAKE handles setting up the project and it's dependencies as needed, before running the actual MSBuild task on the project. Once it has been set up correctly by FAKE, you will be able to build the project using Visual Studio from then on.


Recommended environment: Visual Studio Code


Run tests

Run build test in the root folder of the project to let FAKE handle the setting up, building, running and testing of the project.

To manually run the tests, go to the test-folder and execute:

npm install
npm test

The typings necessary for the test project to work are generated by running the main XrmDefinitelyTyped project with the current App.config file.