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=Introduction= Candy (Chats Are Not Dead Yet) was developed by Michael Weibel (@weibelm) and Patrick Stadler (@pstadler) on behalf of their employer Amiado Group.

It provides group and private chat for collaborative working between teams.

This plugin makes Candy work out of the box with Openfire providing the following features:

  • Easy deployment for Openfire users
  • Support for Openfire BOSH and WebSockets web connections.
  • Support for Jitsi-Videobridge plugin for Openfire for webrtc audio and video

=Example Webclient Configuration=


Candy.init('/http-bind/', { core: { debug: false, websockets: true}, view: { resources: '../res/' } });




  • Stop Openfire.
  • Copy the websockets.war file to the OPENFIRE_HOME/plugins directory.
  • Copy the jitsivideobridge.jar file to the OPENFIRE_HOME/plugins directory.
  • Copy the candy.war file to the OPENFIRE_HOME/plugins directory.
  • Restart Openfire.
  • From a browser, go to http://your_openfire-server:7070/candy
  • If this pages do not appear, please check you log files and post any errors on

=Openfire Properties=

||Property||||Default Value||||Description|| ||||||candy||||Web application root name||


  • The Openfire websockets plugin to set group-chat bookmarks
  • The Openfire jitsivideobridge plugin for audio and video
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