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This application is a Java Webstart application that can be run from a web site without installing any desktop software and will publish your desktop screen as an RTMP video stream to a Red5 server using a standalone RTMP client and the Screen Video Codec.

It also includes a Flex viewer application which can be used to remotely control the desktop. Double click the desktop screen and follow the shadow mouse pointer. You should see two mouse pointers, your real one and the remote one lagging behind.

This application is based on the source code for the open-meetings desktop publisher, but converts the screen frames into a RTMP video stream on the client at source. It uses the Flazr library ( Peter Thomas.

Unzip and move the screenshare folder to webapps.

Edit screenshare.jnlp {{{

my_red5_server screenshare 1935 screen_share flashsv2


Replace my_red5_server with the hostname or ip address of your Red5 server.

Leave 1935 unless your RTMP port is something else.

Leave screenshare as the application name unless you are using your own application.

Replace screen_share with your choce of stream name.

Keep the screen codec setting of flashsv2 unless it does not work, then try flashsv1

Example for red5 server on localhost port 5080 {{{

localhost screenshare 1935 screen_share flashsv2


You can also run it from the command line. For example:

java -classpath screenshare.jar org.redfire.screen.ScreenShare oflademo 1935 screen_share flashsv2

See do_run1.cmd and do_run2.cmd for Windows command files

Edit screenviewer.html {{{

	var stream = getPageParameter('stream', 'screen_share');
	var url = getPageParameter('url', 'rtmp:/xmpp');
	var control = getPageParameter('control', 'true');


control is either true or false and determines if you allow remote desktop control or not.

To access the publisher, use


To access viewer, use



An Open Source Screen Share Java application using Red5 RTMPClientare



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