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Generate Mergebot schema files for WordPress plugins, themes, or core
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Mergebot Schema Generator

This is an work in progress, rough round the edges plugin used to create custom data schemas to describe plugins used by the Mergebot app.

The plugin should be run on a development WordPress install, please please not a production site. It will install plugins and programmatically interrogate them.


Symlink the src/mergebot-schema-generator dir to your wp-content/plugins dir

Generate a schema with the WP-CLI command:

First of all the command must be run from the plugin directory: cd wp-content/plugins/mergebot-schema-generator

wp mergebot-schema generate --plugin=woocommerce

To run it for a specific version:

wp mergebot-schema generate --plugin=woocommerce --version=2.0

For WordPress core use:

wp mergebot-schema generate

When generating core schemas the command must be run from a multisite installation to ensure the network related tables are identified.


The generator will attempt define the following:

  • Primary keys of custom tables
  • Foreign key of custom tables
  • Key / Value relationship data (CLI prompts)
  • Shortcode attributes (CLI prompts)

When the command needs a human decision (eg. shortcodes) it will present helpful information and ask simple questions so the definition can be created.

The generator cannot define:

  • Content that has IDs
  • Queries that need to be ignored
  • Custom shortcode search locations
  • Table prefixes in meta keys
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