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Shell script we use to create builds of our WordPress plugins.


  • Verifies that the version numbers in PHP files are correct
  • Reads a list of files to exclude from the build
  • Copies files to a folder and zips them up


Install the plugin-build script in one of the folders in your PATH. Make sure it has execute permissions (i.e. chmod +x plugin-build).


Go to your plugin folder on the command line and execute:

$ plugin-build <plugin-slug>[.php] <version>


$ plugin-build wp-migrate-db 0.6

build Folder

You need to create a build folder within your plugin folder. It houses configuration and hook files to customize the build. It also houses temporary files when running a build.

Inside the build folder, you need a config.php file. This can be empty but it must exist.

All of these following files are optional:

version-check.php - PHP array of regular expressions to check if version number given on the command line matches those in the plugin's PHP files.

$version_checks = array(
	"$plugin_slug.php" => array(
		'@Version:\s+(.*)\n@' => 'header'

filter - List of files to exclude from the zip. rsync format. Example:

- .sass-cache
- .DS_Store
- /.git
- /.gitignore

filter.php - Customize your filtering files with some code. See the build-example folder in this repo for how we build the free and pro editions of WP Migrate DB.

pre-zip.php - Code to execute just before zipping up. See the build-example folder in this repo for an example of this and a way to make SVN deployment to and GitHub a part of the build process.

Example build Folder

For WP Migrate DB, we have one git repo for both editions: lite and pro. The build-example folder in this repo is the build folder we use for WP Migrate DB. It filters out certain files depending on the edition (lite or pro) and if it's the lite version, gives us the option of deploying to and a public GitHub repo.


Shell script we use to create builds of our WordPress plugins.



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