Boilerplate for creating WordPress plugin UI's with REST API, BrowserSync, Webpack and React
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WP React Boilerplate

Sample WordPress plugin for setting up a project with Yarn, Webpack, BrowserSync and React. Tailored to creating a wp-admin page, but completely flexible and can be used for themes as well.

Companion blog post:

Getting started

  1. Clone repo to your wp-content/plugins folder
  2. In config.json change the proxyURL to point to your WordPress admin page or plugin page.
  3. In your host WordPress wp-config.php file add define( 'WPRB_AJAX_BASE', '' ); and update it to point to your REST API base
  4. Modify any WordPress config in wp-react-boilerplate.php. Rename files/methods/strings as necessary.
  5. Activate the plugin in wp-admin
  6. cd into your checked out folder and run yarn
  7. Run yarn start to get Webpack and BrowserSync running

To build for production run:

yarn build

A production-ready WordPress plugin will be built in the wp-react-boilerplate-built folder.