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Zabbix Template for NUT(Network UPS Tools)
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Zabbix Template for NUT(Network UPS Tools)

Supported UPS:

Value mapping

Value mapping must be done before importing template. It can done in Administration / General / Value mapping (combobox on right side)

Then Create value map

0  - unknown state
1  - On line (mains is present)
2  - On battery (mains is not present)
3  - Low battery
4  - The battery needs to be replaced
5  - The battery is charging
6  - The battery is discharging (inverter is providing load power)
7  - UPS bypass circuit is active echo no battery protection is available
8  - UPS is currently performing runtime calibration (on battery)
9  - UPS is offline and is not supplying power to the load
10 - UPS is overloaded
11 - UPS is trimming incoming voltage (called "buck" in some hardware)
12 - UPS is boosting incoming voltage

Value mapping

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