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English Test Generator

„English Test Generator“ is a program, which was created with the purpose of making the process of creating tests and exercises easier. The main idea of the project is through connection to the Oxford Dictionary to extract the definition of a word, thus creating a type of an English dictionary which generates tests. The project has applicational nature, is still under development and belongs to the IT field. The idea was conceived by Simo Aleksandrov and it was realized by both of the authors. Unlike the conventional way of creating tests using MS Word, the program saves the teacher a lot of time by skipping the whole process of manually composing unique tests. The software gives the user the option to automatically download all of the words from a given unit or a whole textbook and obtains their definitions from an online dictionary. After that process is done the program generates random and unique tasks/exercises for each test. The application is suitable for usage by both teachers and students, giving the students the option to prepare themselves for an upcoming test or just to practice what has been last learned, and for the teachers – a quick and easy way to create authentic tests.


  • Dictionary ~ Easily gather the definition of a certain word by typing it or using the built in speech recognition! Not sure how to pronounce a certain word? Just use the Text-To-Speech button!
  • Test Maker ~ The main purpose why this project was developed. It's as simple as entering the words which you wish to use, choosing a test type - example or definition based. Pick the final options, press the button, wait a few seconds and your test is done!
  • Built-in Translator ~ With the built in translator, you can quickly translate any word or sentence from Bulgarian to English and vice-versa!


Getting started

  • Clone the repository using git
git clone
  • Run the .sln file from the main folder of the repository using Visual Studio 2015 / 2017.
  • Compile and run.


If you have any ideas for helping / supporting and or improving the project, you can contribute via the Pull Requests to this repository. We'd gladly take a look at each and every one and reply to them.

Contact us


English Test Generator is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.0. Please see the license file for more information.

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