JMeter plugin that lets you send sample results to an ElasticSearch engine to enable live monitoring of load tests.
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JMeter ElasticSearch Backend Listener is a JMeter plugin enabling you to send test results to an ElasticSearch engine. It is meant as an alternative live-monitoring tool to the built-in "InfluxDB" backend listener of JMeter.


  • ElasticSearch low-level REST client
    • Using the low-level client makes the plugin compatible with any ElasticSearch version
  • X-Pack Authentication!
    • Just supply your crendentials in the specified fields!
  • Bulk requests
    • By making bulk requests, there are practically no impacts on the performance of the tests themselves.
  • Filters
    • Only send the samples you want by using Filters! Simply type them as follows in the appropriate field : filter1;filter2;filter3 or sampleLabel_must_contain_this.
  • Verbose, semi-verbose, error only, and quiet mode
    • debug : Send request/response information of all samplers (headers, body, etc.)
    • info : Sends all samplers to the ElasticSearch engine, but only sends the headers, body info for the failed samplers.
    • quiet : Only sends the response time, bytes, and other metrics
    • error : Only sends the failing samplers to the ElasticSearch engine (Along with their headers and body information).
  • Use either Kibana or Grafana to vizualize your results!
  • Continuous Integration support - Build comparison!
  • Send JMeter variables to ElasticSearch! Refer to this for more info!




Feel free to contribute by branching and making pull requests, or simply by suggesting ideas through the "Issues" tab.




Sample Grafana dashboard


For more info

For more information, here's a little documentation.