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Web Technology driven VFX Application
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Web Technology driven VFX Application.

Runs on Windows, macOS, Linux.



  • Movie Production with Programming
    • First class p5.js support for video production
    • Can be make custom post processing plugin with HTML5 Canvas and WebGL
  • Standalone engine (@delirvfx/core) for makes your VFX app
    • Modern and simple software architecture
  • Works on Web technology for rapid development (Fully TypeScript, HTML5, Canvas and WebGL)


  • Video, Image, Audio, Text and P5.js support
  • Adjustment clip
  • Keyframe animation editor
    • With Expression support by JavaScript(TypeScript)
  • Post processing plugin support with Canvas2DContext and WebGL(experimental, now in develop)
  • Rendering to mp4(H.264 + aac) with ffmpeg

For developer

How to develop Post processing plugin

See plugin-example

Run Delir for development

  1. Delir depends to below softwares. You must install the above program before starting development.
  • Node.js 10+ brew install node
  • yarn (yarnpkg/yarn) npm i -g yarn
  • node-gyp npm i -g node-gyp
  • ffmpeg brew install ffmpeg
  1. Clone this repository
git clone
  1. Install dependency and start development
yarn start

Ctrl+C to interrupt

Production building

Now only building for development machine platform. (mac / win) Native module can not build for another platform.

yarn build

Path to code

  • packages
    • delir -- Electron frontend of Delir
      • domain -- Operation / Action / Store / Utils set by domain
        • Editor -- Editor state and actions
        • Preference -- Editor preference state and actions
        • Project -- Project(Document) state and actions
        • Renderer -- Delir engine state and actions
      • modules -- Modal windows
      • utils -- View utilities non relate some domain
      • views -- View components
    • core -- Core module codes called @delirvfx/core (Project structure, engine, calculation, renderer)
    • deream -- Renderered frame exporter for ffmpeg
    • plugins -- Built-in Delir plugins (build with webpack)


Code Contributors

This project exists thanks to all the people who contribute. [Contribute].

Financial Contributors

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