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Installs leiningen on a minimal Docker image. This results in a very small container (186MB) to run lein tasks.
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This is a minimal Docker image for leiningen tasks. It is from delitescere/jdk on Docker Hub.

This image is for development-time activities. You can run your packaged component in an image from delitescere/java) on Docker Hub (as long as you only need the JRE provided by "compact3" profile, which is likely).


docker build -t delitescere/lein .

Example usage

alias lein="$PWD/lein"
lein test
lein repl :headless # nREPL container is started for this directory. Wait until you see the "started" line in `docker logs` if it's the first run.
lein repl :connect # nREPL client container connects to the detached nREPL server, no address is required.


If you have the :eval-in nrepl line in your project.clj, remove it otherwise you'll get "Connection Refused" errors when running the REPL.

There is one nREPL server per directory to allow you to run multiple project REPLs at once if you want. Using Docker's network stack sharing, you don't need to specify the address for the client REPL. The history for each project's REPL is kept separate.


See the LICENSE file. Use of Zulu is governed by the terms of use at

Enjoy smaller containers!

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