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A CLI dice roller
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roll is a very simple command-line dice roller written in D. It can throw any number of any type of dice, add modifiers, ace (explode) the rolls, make several independant rolls in one call, etc.

I wrote it a long time ago to try some D language and use it with Savage Worlds. Now I release the code to anyone who may want to use it.


roll [{a|d}[+{{a|d}|modifier}]+]+

As you can see, it uses any number of clauses separated by spaces, each of this is composed of:

  • n: an integer, saying how many dices to roll
  • d|a: d indicates a normal roll, a an exploding roll (where, if the die shows its biggest face, it is rerolled and both values added)
  • die: the value of the di(c)e to roll. Usually 4,6,8,10,12 or 20, but it can be any positive integer.
  • modifier: An integer to add (or substract) to the final result


  • roll 2d6+1d4

Rolls two 6-sided dice, one 4-sided die, and adds the three results

  • roll 1d12 2d8-2

Rolls one 12-sided die, show its result, then roll two 8-sided dice, add them, substract 2, and show the result.

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