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# "driverName" defines the name of driver (provisioner)
driverName: ""
# "powerStoreApi" defines the full path to PowerStore API
# Example:
# "volumeNamePrefix" defines a string prepended to each volume created by the CSI driver.
volumeNamePrefix: csi
# "nodeNamePrefix" defines a string prepended to each node registered by the CSI driver.
nodeNamePrefix: csi-node
# "nodeIDPath" defines the path to file with node identifier (e.g. /etc/machine-id, /etc/hostname).
nodeIDPath: /etc/machine-id
# "connection" allows to configure connection to storage array
# "connection.scsiProtocol" allows to specify which scsi protocol to use
# Can be "FC", "ISCSI", "auto", "None". If "auto", will choose FC if both are available.
# If "None" the driver will try to use NFS
scsiProtocol: auto
# "connection.nfs" allows to configure nfs connection
# "connection.enabled" enables nfs support, set this to true to enable nfs
enabled: false
# "connection.nasServerName" allows to point to NAS Serve to use from storage array
nasServerName: nas-server
# "connection.version" allows to set version of nfs protocol
version: v3
# "nodeOnMaster" specifies if node driver should be installed on master node
nodeOnMaster: true
# "nodeFCPortsFilterFile" is the name of the environment variable which store path to the file which
# provide list of WWPN which should be used by the driver for FC connection on this node
# example:
# content of the file:
# 21:00:00:29:ff:48:9f:6e,21:00:00:29:ff:48:9f:6e
# If file not exist or empty or in invalid format, then the driver will use all available FC ports
nodeFCPortsFilterFile: /etc/fc-ports-filter
# The installation process will generate multiple storageclasses based on these parameters.
# Only the primary storageclass for the driver will be marked default if specified.
# "" defines the name of the storage class to be defined.
name: powerstore
# "storageClass.isDefault" defines whether the primary storage class should be the # default.
isDefault: "true"
# "storageClass.reclaimPolicy" defines what will happen when a volume is
# removed from the Kubernetes API. Valid values are "Retain" and "Delete".
reclaimPolicy: Delete
# "" defines the name of the snapshot class to be defined.
name: powerstore-snapshot