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View presenters helps you to keep that bit of logic that needs to be performed before some data is printed in the view out of your model but also out of your view.


Pull this package through npm

npm install @dellamina/ts-presenter 


First you need to create your Presenter, it is just a simple class that extends Presenter. You have full access to the model you are applying the Presentable decorator in the entity variable.

import { Presenter } from "@dellamina/ts-presenter";

export class UserPresenter extends Presenter {

    fullName = () => {
        return + ' ' + this.entity.surname;


Then we need to add the Presentable decorator to our model by passing in the Presenter we are going to use, this way every time we gonna have an instance of our model the Presenter will be inject to allow us to take advantage of it.

import { Presentable } from "@dellamina/ts-presenter";
import { UserPresenter } from "./UserPresenter";

export class User {

    @Presentable(UserPresenter) presenter: UserPresenter;

    name: string;
    surname: string;

    constructor(user: { name: string, surname: string }) { =;
        this.surname = user.surname;

That's it! You can start using it like so:

<h1>Hello, {{ user.presenter.fullName() }}</h1>

Heavily inspired by laracasts/Presenter from Jeffrey Way