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# Redhat specific chef install functionality
update_hostname() { $FQDN
source /etc/sysconfig/network
install_base_packages() {
> /etc/yum.repos.d/crowbar-xtras.repo
# Make our local cache
mkdir -p "/tftpboot/$OS_TOKEN/crowbar-extra"
(cd "/tftpboot/$OS_TOKEN/crowbar-extra";
# Find all the staged barclamps
for bc in "/opt/dell/barclamps/"*; do
[[ -d $bc/cache/$OS_TOKEN/pkgs ]] || continue
# Link them in.
ln -s "$bc/cache/$OS_TOKEN/pkgs" "${bc##*/}"
cat >/etc/yum.repos.d/crowbar-${bc##*/}.repo <<EOF
name=Crowbar ${bc##*/} Packages
# Make sure we only try to install x86_64 packages.
echo 'exclude = *.i?86' >>/etc/yum.conf
# Nuke any non-64 bit packages that snuck in.
log_to yum yum -y erase '*.i?86'
log_to yum yum -y makecache
echo "$(date '+%F %T %z'): Installing updated packages."
log_to yum yum -q -y update
# Install the rpm and gem packages
log_to yum yum -q -y install rubygems gcc make ruby-devel \
libxml2-devel zlib-devel tcpdump nginx efibootmgr
# stop nginx
service nginx stop
rm -f /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/default
bring_up_chef() {
log_to yum yum -q -y install rubygem-chef rubygem-kwalify
service chef-client stop
killall chef-client
log_to yum yum -q -y install rubygem-chef-server \
curl-devel ruby-shadow patch
(cd "$DVD_PATH/extra/patches"; chmod +x ./; ./ || exit 1
# Default password in chef webui to password
sed -i 's/web_ui_admin_default_password ".*"/web_ui_admin_default_password "password"/' /etc/chef/webui.rb
## Missing client.rb for this system - Others get it ##
touch /etc/chef/client.rb
chown chef:chef /etc/chef/client.rb
# increase chef-solr index field size
perl -i -ne 'if ($_ =~ /<maxFieldLength>(.*)<\/maxFieldLength>/){ print "<maxFieldLength>200000</maxFieldLength> \n" } else { print } ' /var/chef/solr/conf/solrconfig.xml
log_to svc service chef-server restart
pre_crowbar_fixups() {
#patch bad gemspecs.
cp $DVD_PATH/extra/patches/*.gemspec \
post_crowbar_fixups() { : ; }
update_admin_node() {
log_to yum yum -q -y upgrade
restart_ssh() {
service sshd restart
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