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This file documents how to enable basic support for handling package
updates in Crowbar.
* You have installed a Crowbar admin mode by creating a Crowbar ISO
and installing the admin node from it.
* The provisioner either has access to the Internet or visibility to
an HTTP proxy that does. The usual way of doing this is by
allocating a host IP address from the public network to the admin
node. See the Crowbar users guide for more information on how to
do this.
* If you are going the HTTP proxy route, that proxy does not require
any form of authentication.
* You built your Crowbar ISO from a Crowbar checkout that is recent
enough to have this file in it.
Enabling Online Mode
1: In the Crowbar web UI, click on Barclamps, click on Provisioner, and
then click on Edit. This will open the editing pane for the default
provisioner proposal.
2: Find the "online": value, and change it from false to true.
3: If you need to use an upstream HTTP proxy, find the
"upstream_proxy": value and change it to contain the address and
port of the proxy in the following format: "address:port"
4: Click Save, then click Apply. Once the proposal is finished
applying, apt/yum/gem on all the nodes will be configured to allow
package updates from the Internet.
* This is still a work in progress. Crowbar does not have any
controls around what packages may or may not be updated, so it is
possible that updating certian packages may break your cluster or
whatever applications your barclamps are managing.