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Update Sledgehammer documentation

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  2. +0 −1  README.txt
@@ -32,13 +32,6 @@ Prerequisites:
If you want to allow build_crowbar to run the above commands as root
without having to enter a password each time, the
includes a sample line you can fix up and add to /etc/sudoers.
- * A working Sledgehammer tftpboot image.
- Sledgehammer is a minimal CentOS 5.6 pxe bootable image that we use
- to perform hardware discovery and configuration for devices that do not
- have low-level management tools for Ubuntu. You can find information on
- how to build Sledgehamemr by reading its HOWTO.Non.Redhat file. We do
- not do fully automated builds of Sledgehammer due to a lack of a CentOS
- equivalent of debootstrap.
Command Line Parameters:
* The first command line parameter is the OS you want to
@@ -146,9 +139,6 @@ Customization:
The directory that the Crowbar source is cheched out to.
Defaults to the directory that is in.
- The directory that the Sledgehammer source is checked out to.
- Defaults to $CROWBAR_DIR/../sledgehammer
This is the command that will run to clean the tree before
staging the Crowbar build.
@@ -190,7 +180,7 @@ When is invoked, it performs the following processes in order:
This metadata will drive the rest of the install -- we need it to
figure out dependency relations between barclamps, what packages and files
to stage, and how to invoke any external build processes we might need.
-14: Make sure we have a Sledgehammer image handy.
+14: Make sure we have a Sledgehammer image handy, and build it if we don't.
15: If we don't have the OS ISO to stage on, and we know how to get one, then
download the .ISO we will need.
16: Clean out any leftovers from the last build, and make sure that
1  README.txt
@@ -12,7 +12,6 @@ This wiki maintains information about the operation of Crowbar. Documentation fo
Please consult the release notes for known issues
To build your own copy of Crowbar, consult the readme ( in the crowbar repos. Some important notes about the build process:
-* Build requires a component known as "sledgehammer" that is a CentOS based image for discovery. This TFTPboot image does not change often and is not part of the normal build steps. See the DellCloudEdge/crowbar-sledgehammer repo for details.
* Build process has been tested on Ubuntu 10.10 and CentOS
With that said, from a fresh install off the crowbar-dev.iso, the next steps are:
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