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+Build system TODO:
+* TODO Arrange for auto-shrinking Redhat install images.
+** We do not need all the packages on the iso.
+** Arrange for the test framework to ask the admin node what packages it has installed.
+** Modify the build framework to use that info to regen a smaller yum repo.
+* Push tests into the barclamps.
+** TODO Make test run mostly in dependency order
+** TODO Have all tests have a deploy and test phase.
+** TODO Will need to turn the test framework into a library.
+* TODO Allow the build to output packages (tarballs for now)
+** Alongside of the iso?
+** In place of?
+*** Or make the iso deploy using the generated tarballs...
+** Perhaps generate native packages as well?
+* TODO Fix common non-Crowbar related test framework failures
+** Apache softlocks on Ubuntu in KVM
+*** Sometimes seen on native hardware
+*** Only fix is reboot, maybe restart deploy.
+*** Not as fatal as it used to be since we transitioned to Rainbows.
+** Couchdb dying on Redhat
+*** Short-term just have a script watch pidof couchdb and kick it when it dies.
+*** Longer term use bluepill or god.
+** Couchdb needs GC'ed
+*** Set up a cron job to do that.
+* TODO Teach Jenkins and the build system how to update submodule references.
+** Main CI step
+** Smoketest with appropriate test for each barclamp checkin.
+** Only update submodule ref in main repo once smoketest passes.
+*** TODO Need to write more smoketests.
+* TODO Add SHA1sums to all raw file info in crowbar.yml.
+** We need protection from incomplete/corrupt downloads and the like.

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