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The Glance barclamp deploys Openstack's Image Service. The barclamp can be configured to deploy the sub-services of scrubber, reaper, and cache as well.

Glance is required for Nova and can be used as a stand-alone entity. It can be configured to use a MySQL instance for storage or a local sqlite database.


The Glance Barclamp provides a single role: glance-server. This role in conjunction with the proposal attributes drive the configuration and installation of the glance server.


The barclamp provides a single glance cookbook. The cookbook is used for glance installation.


The barclamp has the following parameters:

Name Default Description
Working Directory /var/lib/glance Glance's operation home directory
PID Directory /var/run/glance Location of Glance's PID files
Notification Strategy Noop Unsupported in Crowbar notification system. Other strategies will one day be available.
Backing Type file Tells Glance where to put the images. file places images in the Image Store Directory. swift uses Swift. Swift is untested.
Image Store Directory /var/lib/glance/images Location of images when backing type is file

Swift Parameters (Not tested)

Name Default Description
Glance Swift Container glance String name of the container glance should use to store image
Swift Authentication URL Connection String to access swift auth/proxy
Create Container false Automatically create the container for glance
Glance Swift User glance The default user for glance to use to access Swift
Glance Swift Key glance The password of the default user to access Swift
Use Keystone true or false The value is set based upon the prescence of an existing Keystone entry
Keystone Instance String name of proposal The Keystone instance to use
Use Syslog false Should glance log to syslog?

Scrubber, Reaper, Pruner, Prefetcher, API, and Registry all have the common parameters.

Name Default Description
Log File /var/log/glance/XXX.log The log file for that service. XXX is the name of the sub-service
Config File /etc/glance/glance-XXX.conf The configuration file for glance. XXX is the name of the sub-service.
Debug false Should the service run in debug mode
Verbose true should the service run in loud mode

API and Registry have extra parameters

Name Default Description
Bind to All Addresses true Bind address to instead of the public address
Access Port API: 9292 Registry: 9191 The port the service should run on

Caching - Glance can cache images

Name Default Description
Enable Caching false Should caching be turned on
Directory /var/lib/glance/image-cache Where are the images cached
Grace Period 3600 Timeout for accessing the image
Stall Timeout 86400 Timeout to wait for a stalled get request

Database - Parameters

Name Default Description
Database Type MySQL or sqlite Which type of database to use. MySQL is selected if one is present.
SQL Idle Timeout 3600 MySQL Idle time check
MySQL Instance String name of proposal String name of proposal of a MySQL instance
SQLite Connection String sqlite:var/lib/glance/glance.sqlite String for sqlite database access


The registry and API services run as a long-lived process. The other sub-services are launched from cron to do their jobs.

Useful Commands and Information

Glance provides a glance-manage command that can be used to look at glance information.

An example that lists all images in glance.

glance-manage -A <admin token> -H <admin ip of glance-server> index

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