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OpenStack Essex Barclamps

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NEWS: OpenStack Essex World Wide Deploy Day on May 31st

YOU ARE INVITED to participate! For more information see OpenStack Essex Deploy Day

This page will contain information about the OpenStack Essex Barclamps

The OpenStack suite includes:

  • OpenStack meta-barclamp
  • Nova
  • Horizon
  • Glance (requires SQL & Keystone)
  • Keystone (requires SQL)
  • Swift (deploy not working as of 5/13)
  • Quantum (incubated)

Testing Installation

To verify that you have correctly installed Keystone & the other OpenStack components, you can use the following curl request and the Crowbar default admin/password/tenant to access the "serviceCatalog." If you get a response that includes a serviceCatalog then you should be working!"

curl -k -X 'POST' -v http://[keystoneIP]:5000/v2.0/tokens -d '{"auth":{"passwordCredentials":{"username": "admin", "password":"crowbar"}, "tenantName":"admin"}}' -H 'Content-type: application/json'

From the Keystone server, you may also explore keystone using the command: keystone --username admin --password crowbar --tenant=admin --os_auth_url= [command]

Known Issues:

  • Swift is not working
  • (should be fixed >5/13) No images in Horizon for deployment
    • issue: glance recipe doesn't upload the image.
    • solution:
      • log into the glace server (ssh crowbar@[server])
      • sudo rm /var/lib/glance/raw_images/*
      • sudo chef-client
    • On my installation I had to tweak the glance-api.conf.erb to set the bind address to as the address being bound wasn't used by the installer to upload the images.
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