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Current Status (definitions: Crowbar-tree-branch-structure)

  • Head: 2.0 !
  • Stable: v1.5 "Betty" tag

Releases & Sprints (reverse chronological order)

Crowbar 2.0 (in process)

Hadoop 2.3 Release (in progress)

based on "Pebbles" 1.6 Crowbar

  • Incorporates Cloudera Manager 4.5.2, Impala 1.0 GA
  • RedHat 6.4 / Centos 6.4 update

Hadoop 2.2 Release

based on "Wilma" Crowbar

  • Incorporates CDH 4.2 and Cloudera Manager 4.5
  • Incorporates Cloudera Navigator and BDR

Hadoop 2.1 Release

based on "Fred" Crowbar

  • UEFI booting for >2 TB disk drives
  • support for PowerEdge C8000 hardware

v1.5 "Betty": OpenStack Essex 2

  • Update to include latest Essex bits
  • Beta for Folsom support including Pull from Source feature

v1.4 "Fred": OpenStack Essex

v1.3 "Elefante": Cloudera 3.7 & Crowbar Expansions

  • updating core OS (Ubuntu 12.4 & 11.x, CentOS/RHEL 6.x)
  • update discovery image to Centos6.2 (aka Sledgehammer)
  • architecture design to support external entity/managed nodes (required for switch, SAN, blade chassis).
  • upgrade & patching
  • Focus on Cloudera Hadoop Integration (barclamp-cloudera is an alternative approach to the Hadoop barclamps)
  • Ability to connect Crowbar admin server to external networks
  • Network Visualization views
  • Barclamp Import (beginning steps for upgrades)

Note: in 1.3 we are laying the foundations for gated check-ins using the dev tool scripts ( We are doing internal testing on the tool now but you can review the code. In the next sprints, we will publish tips to install and build using the new dev tool process. Consequently, you will see members of the Dell Crowbar team submitting pull requests rather than simply pushing code directly to trunk.


v1.2 "Fledermaus": OpenStack Diablo


This release is focused on supporting OpenStack Diablo but includes enhancements for upgrades, Hadoop, and additional OS support. At this point, Crowbar is a stand alone product.

Feature Highlights

  • Central feature was OpenStack Diablo Final barclamps (tag "openstack-os-build")
  • Improved barclamp packaging
  • Added concepts for "meta" barclamps that are suites of other barclamps
  • Proposal queue and ordering
  • New UI states for nodes & barclamps (led spinner!)
  • Install includes self-testing
  • Service monitoring (bluepill)


v1.1: Hadoop Release

The release (never officially tagged) added RHEL capabilities that were needed for the Dell | Cloudera Apache Hadoop solution. The majority of that work was open sourced 11/29/11.

v1.0 [DEPRECATED]: OpenStack Cactus

The release was created to support OpenStack Cactus (Crowbar was integrated into it)

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