A very simple, very flexible, asynchronous file upload component.
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jQuery Asynchronous Upload Plugin

What is it?

Turns an element into an asynchronous file upload trigger.

  • bare-bones ajax file upload functionality
  • no built-in ui (other than a required trigger element)
  • hooks for attaching your own ui interactions
  • optionally post data along with the file
  • fully customizable server-side response handling/formatting
  • html4 iframe implementation only (no progress reporting)
  • single file upload per trigger

How to Use it


<input type="button" id="myUploadButton" value="Upload a File">


$(function () {

        url : '/some-upload-handler.php',
        inputName : 'my_upload_file', 
        data : {   // optional
            someKey : 'some value',
            anotherKey : 'some other value'
        onStart : function () {
            $('body').append('Upload started...');
        onComplete : function (response) {
            $('body').append('Upload finished. Response: '+response);