Notes From Below is a workers' inquiry journal by the Class Inquiry Group.
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Notes From Below

Django site for managing an online publication.


Within a virtualenv, run the following commands, in order:

pip install -r requirements.txt
./django/ makemigrations journal cms uploads
./django/ migrate
./django/ createsuperuser
./django/ loaddata initial_fixtures.json


./django/ runserver

You can find the admin interface at http://localhost:8000/sudo/ (for the superuser) or http://localhost:8000/editor/ (the link to give to editors). You can create users with editor permissions via the /sudo/ admin site: set is_staff to True, and give them any necessary permissions (there will be a permission group eventually, but for now you'll have to select them manually).

None of the links in the menu will work. You'll have to create the 4 categories (under the journal app) and the 2 pages (under the cms app).

Deploying in production

To deploy in production with Postgres, a custom secret key, and DEBUG=False, set the following environment variables within the virtualenv:

  • POSTGRES_PASSWORD: the password for PostgreSQL
  • DJANGO_SECRET_KEY: the SECRET_KEY used by Django (set to a random string)
  • ALLOWED_HOST: e.g., ''