Installation guide

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Installation guide

This wiki page and install.xml will both serve as up-to-date installation guides for the MOD. This page is therefore essentially a mirror of the install.xml guide, but presented in an alternate format, and with more details and links to additional information.

Copy the files

Copy all the files included in the root directory of the download package over to the appropriate place relative to the root of your phpBB installation (i.e. the directory containing your config.php file). For example, the file root/includes/functions_dynamo.php would be copied into includes/functions.php, etc.

Note: don't forget to copy all the files. This includes the directory images/avatars/dynamo (although you can ignore the file emptyfile within it). If you don't create a directory named "dynamo" under images/avatars/, you'll run into error messages and you won't be able to run the MOD. You can name this folder something else if you like, but you'll have to change the name within the MOD settings as well (see Configuration).

Add the table constant definitions

Open includes/constants.php. At the very end of the file, add the following lines:

define('DYNAMO_LAYERS_TABLE',		$table_prefix . 'dynamo_layers');
define('DYNAMO_ITEMS_TABLE',		$table_prefix . 'dynamo_items');
define('DYNAMO_USERS_TABLE',		$table_prefix . 'dynamo_users');

Run the database queries

Note: you must have the Unified MOD Library (UMIL) installed in order to perform this step. Installing UMIL is an incredibly quick and painless process that only involves uploading one directory, and it's a dependency for many other MODs as well, so if you haven't installed it yet, give it a go.

If you do have UMIL installed, use your web browser to navigate to dynamo_mod_install.php (relative to the root of your board - for example, and follow the install instructions (or update instructions, if you're updating - the install script should automatically detect which option you want and take care of everything from there).

If you get any errors at this point, then something has gone wrong - see the Getting support section below. Note that the red banner containing "Warning" and a message about permissions isn't actually an error message, it's just designed to ensure that you check your permissions. You probably don't need to check your permissions. I did not design the banner.

Setting the correct permissions

There are two folders that need to be writeable by your webserver:

  • images/avatars/dynamo
  • images/dynamo

The former is the folder to which user avatars generated by the MOD will be uploaded to; the latter is the folder in which images for the items are stored (well, also uploaded to, but in a different way). Since the webserver needs to be able to upload images to those folders, the correct permissions must be set. If the user the webserver is running under is the same user who created the folders, then everything should be fine; otherwise, you could change the owner or set the permissions to 777 or whatever is appropriate. You can usually do this through your FTP client or through a shell prompt (chmod 777 images/dynamo etc) if applicable.

If the above paragraph didn't make any sense to you, see the Getting support section below.

I assume this only applies for *NIX machines. I don't have a clue about Windows.

Enabling remote avatar

Since this MOD uses the remote avatar feature, you have to enable the remote avatar functionality in order for this MOD to work. Administration Control Panel → General → Avatar settings, set Enable remote avatars to yes. Also make sure that Enable avatars is set to yes as well.

Configuring the MOD

Your MOD has now been installed and is ready for use. Well, sort of. You'll probably want to configure it first - create your own layers, upload your own images, etc. (As much as I love my penguin I can't delude myself into thinking that everyone will feel the same way.) For an in-depth and hopefully up-to-date guide on this, see Configuration.

Getting support

If you encounter an error message, or if something isn't behaving the way it should, or if you just have a request for or a question about the MOD, feel free to drop me a line via the development topic on or via email (dellsystem at the domain). Please include as much relevant information as possible - screenshots, transcripts of error messages, reproduction steps, whatever you think is appropriate.

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