ESP8266: How to use http requests
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ESP8266: http requests

1 Description

An example on how to use http requests with an NodeMCU (Arduino), Python and a small web application. Further there is a possibility to interact with the Telegram messenger.

For a more detailed description visit my website.

1.1 Arduino

The Arduino code is written with the most recent Arduino version (1.8.5), but with possibly old libraries. Those come with this repository. It might work with the latest versions of them.

1.2 Python

The dependecies for the python server are:

  • flask
  • dateutil

Since json and sqlite3 comes with python itself you don't need to pip-install them.

1.3 Web application

The web application is written with

  • html
  • css
  • js (vue as framwork)

Many thanks here to Ralph Harrer, for he helped me a lot.

2 License

This project is licensed under the GNU GPLv3 open source license. Thus anybody is allowed to copy and modify the source code, provided all changes are open source too and the author is in knowledge of all done changes. This can happen either via eMail or directly on GitHub, in other words at this repository.

3 Disclaimer

I am not responsible for anything in conjunction with this project, including bugs, failure, fire, harm of equipment and harm of persons. Reasonably foreseeable misapplication:

  • Bug in the code
  • Failure of used parts due to a bug in the code or a wrong wiring diagram, including a wrong design.
  • Fire due to a wrong wiring diagram, including a wrong design.
  • Harm of equipment, meaning third party parts (cameras, flashes, etc.) due to a bug in the code or a wrong wiring diagram, including a wrong design.
  • Harm of persons due to any failure of the system, a wrong wiring diagram or a wrong behaviour.

It is your own responsibility to use these contents. Be careful, this project includes lethal electrical voltage. Put yourself in knowledge about the risks before you start with this project.