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Grammar Engineering mini-meeting

This page contains some information about the Grammar Engineering mini-meeting in Seattle, WA January 2-6 2017. As well as the discussion linked below, it led to a new page on Grammar Development.

Upsizing Grammars and Cross-lingual Learning.

Glenn's house, Capitol Hill, Seattle.


  1. Grammar Engineering mini-meeting
    1. Program
    2. Topics
    3. Participants
    4. Social Program
    5. Photos


Day Morning 1 Afternoon 1 Afternoon 2
Monday Agenda Setting Long Distance Dependencies(FCB,FZZ) Small2Large (FCB,LMC)
Tuesday ChartMap and Redup (FCB,DVM) Learning and Malrules (SSH,FCB) Treebank (FCB,SSH)
Wednesday Definiteness (SSH,EMB) Passives Discussion (DVM,DPF) Discoursey Things (FZZ,EMB)
Thursday Lexicon Building (GCS,FZZ) Performance/Robustness (DPF,FCB) Excursion: Theo's Chocolate Factory
Friday PhD Design (EMB,MWG) Generation Testing (MWG,LMC) Code Names


  • Revision of long distance dependencies
    • discussion of asymmetries in S/O
  • Indonesian POS and tokenization
  • Chart mapping and reduplication
  • Treebanking tips
    • web interface
    • interface with sense disambiguation
  • Generation testing
    • how to incorporate that more easily
  • Language Learning
    • NLP tools for analyzing learner's corpora
    • Using ERG for understanding non-native speakers' texts
    • How to create the mal-rules
      • how to learn from language corpora
      • how to group by learner-type
  • Experimental Syntax and Grammar Engineering
  • Zhong
    • definiteness
    • subjecthood
    • clefts (shi ... de)
    • multiple GAPs
    • Discourse "yes, ...."
    • PP
    • clitics as DET
    • number, classifiers, quantifiers
    • passive voice
    • relative clause
    • Existential ada
  • Robustness
    • making c-saw run
    • quickcheck
  • Transmitting Knowledge
    • constructions
    • other levels
  • going from small to medium to large
    • techniques for deciding what to work on next
    • what corpus to work on
    • effective use of testsuites
    • how to identify phenomena
  • PhD around a grammar
    • how to build a certain scale (NTU)
      • not the same as building a sketch grammar
    • model a phenomenon (UW)





Social Program

Wednesday Evening, dinner at Olga's.

Friday Evening (19:15-21:15): Karaoke at Rock Box,1603 Nagle Pl, Seattle, Washington 98122; Drinks beforehand at Tintagel We have a room for 8 people (a 9th can cram in, if possible, but 10+ is not allowed). Please add your name below if you plan to go:

  1. Michael
  2. Luis
  3. David
  4. Zhenzhen
  5. Francis


Sanghoun's photos: link