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Langue et Dialogue (LED) is a research team directed by Patrick Blackburn at Loria (Laboratoire lorrain de recherche en informatique et ses applications, UMR 7503) in Nancy, France. The approximately 35 members of the team (including research, teaching, and support staff, and graduate students) are associated with one of two national research organizations:

  • INRIA (French National Institute for Computer Science Research)

  • CNRS (French National Center for Scientific Research)

or with one of the three universities in Nancy:

The activities of LED include diverse grammar development efforts for French (HPSG/LKB, LFG/XLE, TAG with metagrammars). The members of the team are interested in using parsing and generation tools for developing dialogue systems and for facilitating multimodal human-machine interaction. Another research focus of LED is the standardization of linguistic resources (lexicons, grammars, corpora, semantic representations).