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This page is intended as an up-to-date summary of research groups and individuals associated to the DELPH-IN open-source repository. While preparing for a first general meeting (at Lisboa, in August 2005), we hope to encourage all participants to provide a brief, high-level summary of their own R&D activities as they relate to DELPH-IN goals. Following is a list of participating groups that have been invited to the Lisbon meeting, ordered lexicographically. If you find your name is missing, please email standing at, the DELPH-IN Standing Committee.

Initially, most of the site-specific pages do not exist (or are empty), i.e. wait for someone from the site to create the page and supply some content. Note that most pages in the DELPH-IN wiki require that users are registered with the server and have write access to the pages they want to change (or create). The standing committee expects to send out instructions on how to augment participant summaries sometime in April (yes, 2005), but in case you are eager to fill in information on your group, please contact info at