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Some notes on Treebanking with the ERG. Possibly may evolve into a guide.

  • Reference:
    • @inproceedings{Nakov:2005:SES:1706543.1706547, author = {Nakov, Preslav and Hearst, Marti}, title = {Search engine statistics beyond the n-gram: application to noun compound bracketing},
  • Assign binary bracketing in all nominal compounds (no ternary+ structures)
  • If intuitions are clear, bracket compounds pair-wise accordingly.
    • Examples: |aluminum [towel rack]| vs. |[cotton towel] rack|
  • If intuitions are not clear, bracket as follows:
    • Bracket nouns pair-wise with lowest attachment from left to right
    • Attach adjectives at the highest available point:

Notes from Dan