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Grammar Engineering Frequently Asked Questions

The keyboard doesn't work in the [incr tsdb()] window -or- The keyboard doesn't work in Emacs after exiting [incr tsdb()]

This is a known problem with [incr tsdb()] and SCIM. You can temporarily disable SCIM by running Emacs with the following command line:

XMODIFIERS=@im=none emacs 

There are other workarounds in the DELPH-IN wiki that may be more elegant.

If you're working in the Treehouse, the following will fix the problem permanently for your account:

  • Make sure you have no SCIM-enabled applications open (emacs, vim, etc.)
  • Stop SCIM with
killall -r scim
  • Edit ~/.scim/config
  • Change
/FrontEnd/X11/Dynamic = false


/FrontEnd/X11/Dynamic = true
  • Log out and log back in, or restart SCIM by running
scim -d
  • If you get a "skull and crossbones" mouse cursor in the [incr tsdb()] window, reboot the machine. It should work normally after that.

For Treehouse users, the default configuration file for new accounts was changed on February 25, 2009, so you should only have to do this if your account was created before that date.

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