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This page presents user-supplied information, hence may be inaccurate in some details, or not necessarily reflect use patterns anticipated by the [incr tsdb()] developers. This page was initiated by FrancisBond; please feel free to make additions or corrections as you see fit. However, before revising this page, one should be reasonably confident of the information given being correct.


The [incr tsdb()] environment is a tool for grammar and system profiling and treebanking. Some people find its name hard to pronounce, especially novice users. It is meant to be pronounced as though it were written tee ess dee bee plus plus. Nicknaming the system is discouraged by the [incr tsdb()] developers.

The DELPH-IN ‘developers’ mailing list is a good forum for [incr tsdb()]-related discussion; additionally, there is a user-contributed wish list.

The current best citation for this is:

Oepen Stephan, Flickinger Daniel (1998) Towards systematic grammar profiling. Test suite technology ten years after. Journal of Computer Speech and Language 12 (4) (Special Issue on Evaluation):411 – 436

There is a slightly out of date but still useful User Manual (pdf). Useful documentation for people looking to manipulate the 'raw' profiles (i.e. tsdb(1) databases) without the GUI (but not using cut and grep) can be found in the TSNLP User Manual (Volume 2). Some more (user-supplied) information about TSDB is available at TsdbTop.


The automated installation procedure explained on the LkbInstallation page includes [incr tsdb()]. To invoke [incr tsdb()] if you've installed the system this way:

   M-x lkb RET
   M-x itsdb RET

* ItsdbProfileManipulation

* ItsdbProfile - brief introduction to the profiles

* ItsdbProfiling

* ItsdbTreebanking

* Batch Processing

* ItsdbCustomization

* ItsdbReference

* ItsdbTroubleshooting

Debugging Aids

MRS Checking

If your profile has MRSs scored, you can check whether they scope or not by setting the switch Options | Result Filter | Mrs Scoping and then browsing the results: Browse | Results. Helpful diagnostic messages should be ouptut in the *common-lisp* buffer.

Note, if you have too many results stored, then this will be either very slow, or crash. You should only really do it for profiles with 1 or 2 results per item.


There is a macro for writing [incr tsdb()] in the wiki: <<itsdb>>.