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The 11th DELPH-IN Summit will be held from Monday, August 3, to Friday August 7, 2015, in or around NTU, Singapore. It is the week after ACL 2015 (in Beijing) and the week before HPSG 2015 (co-located in Singapore). We encourage people to go to all three!

If you intend to come, please register at SingaporeParticipants.

Summit Program

The schedule is available at SingaporeSchedule.

News: On Monday morning, Dan will act as guide those of you staying at NEC. Please meet in the lobby at 8:30am!

The venue is the HSS Conference Room on level 5 of the HSS building (HSS-05-57).

Following the Summit, a one-day Linguistic Analysis Design (LAD) event will be held at NTU on Sunday, 9 August, jointly organized for DELPH-IN and HPSG attendees.

Local Information


  • Nanyang Executive Center Closest Hotel but currently few vacancies. If a room opens up, when you book put "DELPH-IN Summit at NTU" in the event slot of the booking form (at the top) for a 10% discount. We recommend you try here first.

  • Genting Hotel Jurong Shiny New Hotel: they have reserved 30 rooms for us until July 19th. When you book, if you use this form to <>, you will get a special rate (from 150 SGD (plus 17% service+tax=175.50) w/o breakfast). If you stay here, let me (Francis) know, if there are enough people I will try to run a shuttle bus direct to NTU.


  • Registration will be 130 SGD, payable on arrival.


Changi Airport to HSS, NTU

  • By taxi: Taxis are available at the taxi stands at the Arrival levels of each Terminal. A ride to the venue takes about 1 hour and costs around $30. Fares are metered. Please show the address of the venue to the taxi driver:
Nanyang Technological University (NTU), School of Humanities And Social Science (HSS)
14 Nanyang Drive, Singapore 637332
  • After arriving in HSS, please take an elevator to 5th floor, turn right and go to the Conference Room (HSS-05-57).

  • By train and bus: After your arrival in Changi Airport, please follow the signs in the airport building to the MRT station. In Changi MRT Station, it will be convenient if you buy an EZ-Link card to travel around Singapore by trains and buses. It takes around 1 hour 20 minutes from the station at Changi Airport to the NTU's closest station, Pioneer Station. Get off at Pioneer Station, then go to Exit B. Outside you will find a bus stop. Take a bus number 179 and get off at a bus stop outside Innovation Centre in NTU. It takes around 20 minutes from Pioneer Station's bus stop to Innovation Centre bus stop in NTU. From Innovation Centre bus stop, please follow this route to the HSS Conference Room (HSS-05-57). Basically, if you see a building called "The Hive" and a Chinese style building "Chinese Heritage Centre", the HSS building is located in between. After you find the HSS building, please go inside, take an elevator to 5th floor, turn right and go to the Conference Room (HSS-05-57).

  • NTU has various shuttle buses for travelling inside the campus and to Pioneer and Jurong Point. The closest bus stop to HSS is the innovation center.

Please check and for travelling around Singapore.


4 day forecast for Singapore It is pretty much always hot and sticky.