Parse your .map-file to find units that bloat your application
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Parse your .map-file to find units that bloat your application.



Download the latest Release and extract it.

Requirements for compiling

You need to have VirtualTreeView installed to compile it.


Before you can actually use the map-parser you probably need to adjust some settings in your project to generate a map-file:

  • Go to your project options: Project > Options
  • Navigate to “Delphi-Compiler > Linking”
  • Change the setting “Map-File” to “Segments”

Ensure that you have changed the options in your corresponding release-configuration.

After changing these settings your compiler creates beside your .exe-file also a .map-file, which can be used by the Map-Parser.



DSMapParser is licensed under the GPL-3.0 License - see the LICENSE file for details.