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Assets 2

Minor Update

Available as standard and portable editions from SourceForge:


  • Changes to About Box's "Paths" tab:
    • Added new buttons to display the contents of the system and per-user config files.
    • Renamed tab as "Paths & Files".
  • Implemented feature request #83 to enable the name and port of any web service test server to be passed on command line by using the new "--test-server" command line option. This replaces hard-wired test server name & port that was activated using the now removed "-localhost" command line switch.
  • Fixed bug #96: "Some open / save dialogues too small". The height of customised dialogue boxes was increased.
  • Updated operating system detection code to detect Windows 10 TH2.
  • New photo of Sophie the dog added to the Easter egg slide show!
  • Updated help file re About Box changes.