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Hot Label Component

The PJHotLabel unit contains a single component, TPJHotLabel, that implements a label control that can access a URL when clicked.

Several types are defined in the unit in total. They are:

Type Description
TPJHotLabel The Hot Label Component itself.
EPJURLError A custom exception that is raised by TPJHotLabel when URL related errors are encountered.
TPJHLHintStyle An enumeration of hint styles used by the HintStyle property. See the property's documentation for details.
TPJHLCustomHintEvent The type of event triggered by the OnCustomHint event. See the event's documentation for details.

Note: This documentation relates to release 2.0 and later. Any features introduced after v2.0 are flagged with the relevant version number as a superscript.


The following examples provide some ideas of how to use the component:

  1. Using highlighting
  2. Using the OnCustomHint event
  3. Tracking visits to URLs[v2.2]

A further example is provided by the demo program that is included in the download.


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