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Yet another HTML5 <video> player.
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Playr: yet another HTML5 <video> player


MIT License


All major browsers.


  • Easy integration
  • Multiple SubRip / WebVTT tracks support
  • Keyboard accessible
  • True fullscreen

Notes on local testing

Some browsers disable XMLHttpRequest on local files by default.

  • Opera: enable opera:config#UserPrefs|AllowFileXMLHttpRequest
  • Chrome: launch it with --allow-file-access-from-files


Just add the class name "playr_video" to your video tag:

<video src="myVideo.ext" class="playr_video">
    <track kind="subtitles" label="English Subtitles" srclang="en" src="" /> // optional

You can now force the caption rendering if you prefer to use Playr's rendering over the native one, by adding the following attribute:

<video ... data-rendering="playr">

WebVTT implementation

Working features:

  • Track kinds:
    • subtitles
    • captions
    • descriptions
    • chapters
  • Text position
  • Text alignment
  • Text size
  • Vertical text (incompatible with other cue settings)
  • Line position
  • Class tags
  • Cue timestamps tags

Note on cue timestamps:

00:00:17,556 --> 00:00:20,631
Can you hear it?
<00:00:18,556>The noise, <00:00:19,600>the drumbeat?

::cue:past & ::cue:future are remplaced with the CSS classes playr_cue_past & playr_cue_future. They're not defined by default. Customize them as you wish.


  • Tab : switch between controls
  • ↑ : volume up
  • ↓ : volume down
  • ← : rewind
  • → : forward
  • f : toggle fullscreen
  • x : delay subtitles (-500 ms)
  • c : delay subtitles (+500 ms)
  • d : default subtitles sync


See demos on the project page.

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