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dx_ctl_db    [ -engine|d <delphix identifier> | -all ] [ -configfile file ]
             [ -group group_name | -name db_name | -host host_name | -type dsource|vdb | -instancename instname |  -olderthan date]
             [-instance inst_no]
             <-action start|stop|enable|disable>
             [-restore filename]
             [-force false|onfailure|only]
             [-help|? ]
             [-debug ]


Run the action specified in action argument for all database(s) selected by filter on selected engine(s)


Delphix Engine selection - if not specified a default host(s) from dxtools.conf will be used.

  • -engine|d Specify Delphix Engine name from dxtools.conf file
  • -all Display databases on all Delphix appliance
  • -configfile file Location of the configuration file. A config file search order is as follow:
  • configfile parameter
  • DXTOOLKIT_CONF variable
  • dxtools.conf from dxtoolkit location


Filter databases using one of the following filters

  • -group Group Name
  • -name Database Name
  • -host Host Name
  • -type Type (dsource|vdb)
  • -envname Environment name
  • -instancename instname Instance name ( can be used only for Oracle RAC )

Instance option

Specify an Oracle RAC instance number to perfom operation on ( this is not a filer )

  • -instance inst_no Instance number


  • -action start|stop|enable|disable Run an action specified for all databases selected by filter


  • -help Print this screen
  • -debug Turn on debugging
  • -restore <filename > Restore database status using a file <filename.engine_name> generated by dx_get_db_env's save option
  • -parallel n Run action on N targets in parallel
  • -force false|onfailure|only Run action using a force option depend on argument:
    • onfailure - first attempt to disable normally; if failure, then force disable
    • only - disable force only; do not attempt disable normally
    • false - (default value) - only attempt disable normally


Stop all VDB in group Analytics

dx_ctl_db -d Landshark -group Analytics -action stop
Stopping database testmssql.
Starting job JOB-229 for database testmssql.
0 - 50 - 100
Job JOB-229 finised with state: COMPLETED
Stopping database testdx.
Starting job JOB-230 for database testdx.
0 - 40 - 50 - 100
Job JOB-230 finised with state: COMPLETED

Start single instance (nr 1) of RAC VDB called Vracdb_FEE

dx_ctl_db -d Delphix32 -name Vracdb_FEE -instance 1 -action start Starting instance 1 on database Vracdb_FEE.
Starting job JOB-267177 for database Vracdb_FEE.
0 - 25 - 45 - 100
Job JOB-267177 finished with state: COMPLETED

Stop instances nr 1 from all RAC VDBs on single node of RAC cluster

dx_ctl_db -d Delphix32 -host -instance 1 -action stop
Stopping instance 1 of database Vrac_08B.
Starting job JOB-267182 for database Vrac_08B.
0 - 40 - 50 - 100
Job JOB-267182 finished with state: COMPLETED
Stopping instance 1 of database Vracdb_FEE.
Starting job JOB-267183 for database Vracdb_FEE.
0 - 40 - 50 - 100
Job JOB-267183 finished with state: COMPLETED

Disable a VDB test and force disable if soft operation will fail

dx_ctl_db -d Landshark5 -name test -action disable -force onfailure
Disabling database test.
Starting job JOB-7542 for database test.
Job JOB-7542 finished with state: FAILED
Last message is: Environment validation failed for environment "LINUXTARGET" host "LINUXTARGET". Cause: Unable to SSH to host "LINUXTARGET".
Disabling force database test.
Starting job JOB-7543 for database test.
0 - 100
Job JOB-7543 finished with state: COMPLETED

Restore state of objects saved using dx_get_db_env

dx_ctl_db -d Landshark5 -restore /tmp/state_analytisc.bck
Database test is already disabled.
Enabling database test2.
Starting job JOB-7567 for database test2.
0 - 75 - 82 - 83 - 100
Job JOB-7567 finished with state: COMPLETED
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