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dx_get_audit    [ -engine|d <delphix identifier> | -all ] [ -configfile file ] 
                [-st timestamp] 
                [-et timestamp] 
                [-state state] 
                [-type type] 
                [-username username]
                [-format csv|json ]  
                [-outdir path]
                [ --help|? ] [ -debug ]


Get the list of actions from Delphix Engine.


Delphix Engine selection - if not specified a default host(s) from dxtools.conf will be used.

  • -engine|d Specify Delphix Engine name from dxtools.conf file
  • -all Run script for all Delphix Engines from config file
  • -configfile file Location of the configuration file. A config file search order is as follow:
  • configfile parameter
  • DXTOOLKIT_CONF variable
  • dxtools.conf from dxtoolkit location


Filter faults using one of the following filters

  • -state Action state - COMPLETED / WAITING / FAILED
  • -type Action type ex. HOST_UPDATE, SOURCES_DISABLE, etc,
  • -username Display only action performed by user


  • -st timestamp Start time for faults list - default value is 7 days
  • -et timestamp End time for faults list
  • -format
    Display output in csv or json format If not specified pretty formatting is used.
  • -outdir path
    Write output into a directory specified by path. Files names will include a timestamp and type name
  • -help
    Print this screen
  • -debug Turn on debugging
  • -nohead Turn off header output


Display audit logs

dx_get_audit -d Landshark5

Appliance            StartTime                      State        User                 Type                 Details
-------------------- ------------------------------ ------------ -------------------- -------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Landshark5           2016-11-08 12:27:35 GMT        COMPLETED    delphix_admin        USER_LOGIN           Log in as user "delphix_admin" from IP "".
Landshark5           2016-11-08 12:27:42 GMT        COMPLETED    delphix_admin        MASKINGJOB_FETCH     Fetching all Masking Jobs from the local Delphix Masking Engine instance.
Landshark5           2016-11-08 12:28:49 GMT        CANCELED     delphix_admin        DB_PROVISION         Provision virtual database "VOra_744".
Landshark5           2016-11-08 12:28:53 GMT        COMPLETED    delphix_admin        POLICY_APPLY         Apply policy "sss/log" on target "VOra_744".
Landshark5           2016-11-08 12:29:03 GMT        COMPLETED    delphix_admin        JOB_CANCEL           Cancel job "Provision virtual database "VOra_744".".
Landshark5           2016-11-08 12:29:03 GMT        COMPLETED    delphix_admin        SOURCE_DISABLE       Disable dataset "VOra_744".
Landshark5           2016-11-08 12:29:07 GMT        COMPLETED    delphix_admin        SOURCE_STOP          Stop dataset "VOra_744".
Landshark5           2016-11-08 12:32:21 GMT        COMPLETED    delphix_admin        DB_DELETE            Delete dataset "VOra_744".
Landshark5           2016-11-08 12:32:22 GMT        COMPLETED    delphix_admin        CAPACITY_RECLAMATION Space is being reclaimed.
Landshark5           2016-11-08 12:39:17 GMT        COMPLETED    delphix_admin        USER_LOGIN           Log in as user "delphix_admin" from IP "".

Extract audit to file

dx_get_audit -d Landshark5 -outdir /tmp
Data exported into /tmp/audit-20161108-15-00-28.txt
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