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dx_upgrade_db  [ -engine|d <delphix identifier> | -all ] [ -configfile file ]
               < -envinst OracleHome/MSSQLinstance >
               < -group group_name | -name db_name | -host host_name | -type dsource|vdb | -envname name >
               [ -help]
               [ -debug]


Upgrade a DB specified by filter parameter using home/instance defined in envinst parameter


Delphix Engine selection - if not specified a default host(s) from dxtools.conf will be used.

  • -engine|d Specify Delphix Engine name from dxtools.conf file
  • -all Display databases on all Delphix appliance
  • -configfile file Location of the configuration file. A config file search order is as follow:
  • configfile parameter
  • DXTOOLKIT_CONF variable
  • dxtools.conf from dxtoolkit location


Filter databases using one of the following filters

  • -group name Group Name
  • -name name Database Name
  • -host name Host Name
  • -type type Type (dsource|vdb)
  • -envname name Environment name


  • -help Print this screen
  • -debug Turn on debugging


Upgrade of MS SQL ( including enabling and disabling VDB)

dx_ctl_db -d Landshark43 -name autotest -action disable
Disabling database autotest.
Starting job JOB-830 for database autotest.
0 - 5 - 10 - 20 - 30 - 100
Job JOB-830 finised with state: COMPLETED

dx_upgrade_db -d Landshark43 -name autotest -envinst MSSQL2012
Waiting for all actions to complete. Parent action is ACTION-1698
Upgrade completed with success.

dx_ctl_db -d Landshark43 -name autotest -action enable
Enabling database autotest.
Starting job JOB-831 for database autotest.
0 - 25 - 75 - 100
Job JOB-831 finised with state: COMPLETED
You can’t perform that action at this time.