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Prototyping for a Delphix provider for terraform

The following is a link to a video of the prototype in action:

This prototype is narrowly focused to support the following use cases:

Use Case 1 - Adding/Removing a Unix Host Environment running Oracle

The prototype supports Create, Read (name only), and Delete

Use Case 2 - Provisioning/Destroying an Oracle Single Instance VDB

The prototype supports Create, Read, Update and Delete actions on that VDB.

Using the plugin

The following assumes you have a working knowledge of terraform and go

  1. Clone this repo into your GOPATH
  2. cd into the repo directory, and run go build
  3. Copy the terraform-provider-delphix file into your terraform directory
  4. terraform init
  5. Now the plugin is loaded and ready for you to use. Create a simple blueprint to use with this plugin

Example blueprint

terraform apply will add a new Unix Host to the DE and then provision a VDB. terraform destroy will first delete the VDB, then delete the Host Environment. Look to the for an example blueprint.

Working locally with this repository

The following assumes you have a working knowledge of Golang

To get started, you will need to install Golang.

  1. (a) If you use have a mac, and use homebrew, which I highly recommend, then it looks something like this:
	$ brew install golang
  1. (b) If you do not have Golang, follow the instructions for installing golang.

  2. If you do not have one already, create a directory to work with go.

  3. Navigate into that directory in your terminal.

  4. Create a directory called srv

  5. Export the current working directory as GOPATH

  6. Gather the required packages

  7. Build

mkdir src
export GOPATH=`pwd`
git clone src/terraform-provider-delphix
cd src/terraform-provider-delphix
go get
go build

Known Issues

DLPX-57413 Some sort of race condition with simultaneous API calls that can cause one of multiple same-type objects (i.e. environments) to fail to create.