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Delta Lake 0.2.0

@liwensun liwensun released this
· 769 commits to master since this release
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We are delighted to announce the availability of Delta Lake 0.2.0!

To try out Delta Lake 0.2.0, please follow the Delta Lake Quickstart.

This release introduces two main features:

  • Cloud storage support - In addition to HDFS, you can now configure Delta Lake to read and write data on cloud storage services such as Amazon S3 (issue #39) and Azure Blob Storage (issue #40). See here for configuration instructions.

  • Improved concurrency (issue #69) - Delta Lake now allows concurrent append-only writes while still ensuring serializability. To be considered as append-only, a writer must be only adding new data without reading or modifying existing data in any way. See here for more details.

We have also greatly expanded the test coverage as part of this release.