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hddong and rahulsmahadev [DELTA-OSS-EXTERNAL] Update version to 0.5.0
update 0.4.0 to latest version

Closes #279

Author: hongdd <>

#7375 is resolved by mukulmurthy/z0yaa3go.

GitOrigin-RevId: 50f69cb9b8cc3bd4119eaba93172921403a31dfc
Latest commit 44f255f Dec 18, 2019

Delta Lake examples

In this folder there are examples taken from the quickstart guide and docs. They are available in both Scala and Python and can be run if the prerequisites are satisfied.


  • Apache Spark version 2.4.2 or above
  • PySpark is required for running python examples


  • To run an example in Python run spark-submit --packages PATH/TO/EXAMPLE
  • To run the Scala examples, cd examples/scala and run ./build/sbt "runMain example.{Example class name}" e.g. ./build/sbt "runMain example.Quickstart"
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